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Applied Imaging supplies its clients with a number of image software packages that can provide your business with the necessary tools to accurate scan, print, render, clean, vectorise and calibrate images. You’ve got the hardware, now amalgamate it with matchless imaging software supplied by the printing consultants you trust.



Possibly the best product on the market for all raster-to-vector conversion. Work simultaneously on both platforms with CAD precision accompanied with hybrid scan imaging. Thousands of people all over the world trust VPHybridCAD for the ultimate in image conversion

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Indexing images has never been easier! VPindex allows scanned images to be captured, cleaned and efficiently indexed into easy-to-use databases. With intelligent text-capturing software, the platform will store images into custom created files for you. 

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VP Map Series

For the creation of data driven images such as maps and architectural plans, it is difficult to transform scanned images and drawings into actual editable graphic information systems. VP Maps seamlessly converts images so that you can edit special data, saving your business both time and money. 

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Make sure that your business has the means to view and redline CAD and GIS drawings on the fly, before clean and accurate plotting. Pan, zoom and rotating freedom with property identifying entities provides your business with the finest viewing software to date. 

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