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Based in the United Kingdom, Innova is one of the globes most recognisable Inkjet fine art paper producers and brands. Innova’s commitment to delivering high-quality paper products can be experienced by any business in South Africa with the help of Applied Imaging. What makes Innova products so exceptional is that their paper products are crafted specifically for fine art and use within industries that rely on high-quality image prints. Take a look at some of the products that they supply:

Innova Fine Art Inkjet Papers are crafted to be ideally used for printing purposes, made with a special matte coating for maximum inkjet retention. With a number of textures and finishes, Innova Fine Art Paper should be at the top of your business’s wish list. 

Innova FibaPrint simulates the baryta paper crafting process, allowing you to print images similar to those developed in chemical darkrooms. From matte to glossy, only the finest photography should be printed onto Innova’s specialist FibaPrint paper.

Innova’s Graphic Art range incorporates canvas as well as clear film and even wallpaper. There is media available for use in a range of printers, including UV, solvent and latex. 

You’re a photographer? Then there is no better paper product on which to print your work than that of the Innova Olmec range. Resin coated papers on which to protect your most treasured images, Olmec inkjet paper will provide you with the most accurate prints. 

Jetmaster frames and panels enable you to mount images quickly, cheaply and professionally ,without specialised framing tools. 

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