Document Scanners

Document Scanners

The modern office is incredibly sophisticated and advancing at a rapid rate. Ensure that your office joins the paperless revolution by using desktop document scanners. By using the finest document scanners and imaging rendering software, your office will become efficient and digitized in no time!

Transform your business by reducing paper usage. Applied Imaging is a supplier and maintenance specialist for a number of world-renowned document scanner brands. For high-volume printing demands of unparalleled image quality, talk to us today! 


  • There is nothing more frustrating than allowing piles of old paperwork to crowd your workspace.
  • Easily scan all office paper documents using a document scanner digital imaging solution.
  • It is unnecessary to worry about expenses. The demand for digitalization of the office space has driven the market to produce economical document scanners that complements your budget.
  • Document scanners allow you to scan paper documents on high-resolution settings for a seamless digital rendering.
  • Modern document scanning is not even time consuming. Most document scanners are able to scan more than 50 pages a minute.
  • Applied Imaging sells a range of document scanners that are able to work alongside your document management software, allowing you to email, edit or even re-print documents on the fly. 

Avision Document Scanners

Avision is a Taiwanese company that produces a range of desktop scanning solutions. Their products are known to be built according to some of the globe’s highest production standards while simultaneously being economical and easy to maintain. As a reseller in South Africa, Applied Imaging can assist your business to implement an Avision document scanning solution. 

Canon Document Scanners

Applied Imaging is a preferred partner and distributor of Canon products in South Africa. As one of the most popular brands of document scanners in the world, Canon produces a comprehensive range of desktop scanning solutions, including high-speed document scanners for even the largest corporate offices. Take a look at the list of products below.