Scan2CAD Software

The perfect file conversion software for your business can be found on a copy of Scan2CAD software. Although primarily a conversion tool, Scan2CAD also allows businesses to edit and clean images. With the fantastic Scan2CAD software, your business can perform the following functions:

  • Convert any number of files and images from JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, DXF, CAL, SVG and many more formats.
  • Open any file or image on CAD or GIS platform, allowing you to edit as much as you could possibly want.
  • Thousands of files and images can be simultaneously converted.
  • Full Vector recognition software.
  • Full PDF conversion that allows you to convert PDF files for any image editing software.
  • 24/7 software support and management. 

Without a doubt one of the best software programs for those reliant on editing and managing scanned graphics, SCAN2CAD is one of the most reliable brands on the market. Applied Imaging is a certified reseller of the world-renowned SCAN2CAD software. The software allows you to convert any image to CAD/CAM, CNC or GIS package safely and precisely. Take a look at the SCAN2CAD website by clicking the link, or order your software from Applied Imaging through our order form today! 

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