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HP DesignJet Z6800

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The HP Designjet Z6800 60″ Photo Production Printer is a wide-format 60″ printer designed for graphics applications with a built-in spectrophotometer with i1 color technology and chromatic red ink. It features HP’s Double Swath technology for high quality prints as fast as 1,500 ft²/hr in fast mode. High quality mode also benefits from this technology with a resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi and speeds of 212 ft²/hr. This technology is supported with HP’s Optical Media Advance Sensor which ensures that media moves properly through the printer.

The Z6800 is roll fed and can support paper from 11 to 60″ wide for large print sizes. This printer also has drop detection and intelligent masking for maintaining print quality throughout its lifetime. Colors are reliable due to HP Professional PANTONE color emulation and the ability to embed Adobe PostScript and PDF support.

The pigment-based ink system features chromatic red, light gray, photo black, matte black, light cyan, yellow, light magenta, and magenta inks for ensuring good color, and the printer features 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for networking. The Z6800 is designed to work with third-party RIP solutions as well.

HP Double Swath Technology

This printer features two sets of four HP 771 Designjet Printheads, allowing for a wide print swath up to 1.67″. This lets the printer produce prints at fast speeds up to 1,500 ft² per hour. Each of the eight bi-color printheads features 1,056 nozzles per color, at 1,200 nozzles per inch, for small drop volumes and high resolution images.

HP Optical Media Advance Sensor

A built-in sensor detects and helps control paper and material as it moves through the printer. This allows for fast, accurate printing.

Spectrophotometer with i1 Color Technology from X-Rite

With a built-in spectrophotometer you can create custom ICC profiles easily and quickly. This ensures accurate color on any print job.

HP Designjet Utility

Allows for simple navigation through color management, print setting, and print management workflows. Also, the HP Color Center provides step-by-step instructions for adding new media and calibrating the printer. You can track supplies use by job and submit files directly to the printer as well.

HP Multi-dimensional Smart Drop Placement Technology

The 6-ink system works with a dithering algorithm to determine the optimal combination of inks for each RBG or CMYK pixel. The results are then optimized for printing in terms of color gamut, smooth color transitions, and minimal image grain. The resulting resolution is then expanded to allow for more precise control over drop placement to minimize in-media interactions and artifacts related to dot-placement errors.

Intelligent Masking

In multi-pass print modes, dots in every scan row can be printed by different physical nozzles on different passes, reducing the chances of needing to do a reprint.

Optical Drop Detector

Detects failing nozzles and then flags them as “do not use”. This means that only working nozzles are used at each print location to avoid banding and other image quality defects. After printing, the printer automatically performs recovery routines to restore failed nozzles.

HP Vivid Photo Inks with Chromatic Red

This printer uses an eight-color pigmented ink system with chromatic red, light grey, photo black, matte black, light magenta, magenta, light cyan, and yellow ink cartridges. This allows for more precise and accurate colors with an increased gamut coverage and better color transitions. This printer offers complete coverage of SWOP, ISO, GRACOL, 3DAP, EUROSCALE, TOYO, and FOGRA gamuts.

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