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Applied Imaging is South Africa’s sole distributor of the world renown Bookeye book scanning and document archiving hardware. Bookeye products are well-regarded across the globe for being able to accurately scan and archive books into high-quality digital images. Used in museums, universities, schools, libraries and document archives, these overhead book scanners have been tried and trusted for many years.

Image Access’s Bookeye 4 range is the latest book scanning hardware on the planet. Much of the Bookeye 4 range is developed for self-service applications, allowing students, researchers and professionals the ability to scan books and other documents themselves. All the Bookeye 4 book scanner models are mounted with user interface software and preview monitor which allows users to export images onto USB devices, email, Apple devices, Android devices or sent to another device on the hardware network. This means they can even be printed directly from the overhead book scanner to a system linked large format or high-volume printer.

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AV5200 ADF Flatbed

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A slim A3 duplex scanner

The AV5200 is Avision’s next generation of A3 document scanner. Based on CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology, the scanner is much more slimmer compared to traditional scanner with CCD design.

Capable of scanning up to A3 size, the slim AV5200 is perfectly suited to scan complete book spreads, two letter-sized pages (simultaneously), large-format magazines, legal-sized documents, photographs and more, all in brilliant color.

In addition, the scanner comes with the convenient feature of multiple images cropping. With this feature, various sizes of documents such as photos, ID Cards, or business cards can be placed on the flatbed and the scanner is able to crop and create multiple images according to the original sizes of the documents in one single scan.

The Avision AV5200 is a high-speed and high-performance scanner capable of processing A3 sized paper. It is capable of performing duplex scanning and has a USB 2.0 interface . If large amounts of paper need to be processed, the optional auto-document feeder allow you to accommodates a batch of 50-page document to be scanned continually at one time. At a scanning rate of 30 pages per minute in simplex mode and 60 images per minute in duplex mode, the Avision AV5200 is truly a scanning powerhouse to meet all your scanning needs for A3-sized documents.

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